Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Re. 'www.auteur.com'

Just a note to introduce the copy of an old article of mine I've posted below in a Google docs format. You can also click HERE for a pdf version which is much more legible.

The article was originally published in the millennial issue of the UK based film and media studies journal Screen (vol. 41, no. 1, Spring 2000). I thought I'd try posting it here as I'm thinking about what I wrote back then, and will write some more about the matters it raises shortly. I've also had some requests for copies of it from people who don't have access to Screen through university libraries.

While much of Screen is available online now (e.g. http://screen.oxfordjournals.org/ - and also accessible to Athens subscribers), its full-text archive doesn't yet go back this far. [Hopefully, I am not breaking any big rules by posting it here as the author, but, if so, I'll be very happy to correct my mistake].

I think 'www.auteur.com' is still useful, in part, for its summary and definitions of film auteurism, as well as for some of the comments it makes about what were, then, newly emerging forms of directors' fan culture. But, it sorely needs some updating, too...